High-Functioning Primary Care Residency Clinics

High-Functioning Primary Care Residency Clinics


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High-Functioning Primary Care Residency Clinics:  Building Blocks for Providing Excellent Care and Training highlights the efforts of numerous residency programs to transform the practice models in their ambulatory clinic settings. The report is organized around the components of transformed primary care models – the Building Blocks of High-Performing Primary Care – and provides academic leaders with several examples of residency programs that have succeeded in creating a better clinic model for their residents.  The report provides a detailed window into programs that have made significant strides toward creating high functioning primary care models, in an effort to ensure that their residents experience the rewards of practicing primary care in clinical settings that efficiently and effectively meet the needs of the patients and populations under their care.
The observations are organized according to the primary care improvement model—the Building Blocks of High-Performing Primary Care—which includes ten features of good primary care:
   1.Engaged leadership
   2.Data-driven improvement
   4.Team-based care
   5.Patient-team partnership
   6.Population management
   7.Continuity of care
   8.Prompt access to care
   9.Care coordination
   10.Template of the future
Additionally the report investigates the three resident building blocks of good primary care:
   A.Resident scheduling
   B.Resident engagement
   C.Resident worklife

The report includes innovations in practice and training for each of the above building blocks, undertaken by leading primary care residency programs across the country.  The report is based on comprehensive site visits to 23 resident teaching clinics conducted from 2013 to 2015, and was jointly sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Primary Care (CEPC) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

This report is the first of two publications co-authored by the AAMC and UCSF that focuses on developing high-functioning primary care clinics in the teaching setting.  In May 2018, the AAMC and UCSF published Profiles of Three High-Performing Primary Care Residency Clinics.