MCAT – Online-Only Official MCAT® Prep Bundle

MCAT – Online-Only Official MCAT® Prep Bundle


$234.00 - MCAT – Online-Only Official MCAT® Prep Bundle

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This package includes all 12 of the current online-only MCAT prep products at a significant discount over ordering each separately. In total, this package includes over 2,000 unique questions across the online products. The Official Guide to the MCAT and the Flashcards are NOT included.
Ordering each of these products separately would cost $275; you save $41 with this bundle. There are no shipping costs associated with the Online-Only Official MCAT® Prep Bundle, and instructions for accessing these online materials will be emailed to you. Please note: All sales are final. Refunds will not be issued.
If you would like to purchase all 14 of the current MCAT practice materials (including the Official Guide and Flashcards), please refer to the Complete Official MCAT® Prep Bundle.
All of the online practice questions are in the same online environment as the actual MCAT exam. Each of the practice materials (with the exception of the Section Bank, which allows 10 “starts”) allow up to 5 “starts” so you can re-take them up to 5 times.
After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your practice materials on the e-MCAT practice site. Activate your purchase by entering your email address under "Already purchased online?" here.

To get this bundled price, click "Add to Cart" from this page. Adding products separately to your shopping cart will not give you the discounted price. When you click "Add to Cart," the individual items in the bundle will be added to your shopping cart, with the discounted price next to each item. If you remove one item, the entire bundle will be removed from the cart.
When you order this bundle, you will get the products that are described on this page at the time of ordering. In the future, this product page may change to keep the products included in the bundle current and to update the pricing. This will not affect the bundle that you ordered.
All practice materials must be activated within six (6) months of purchase or purchaser’s receipt of the authorization code, whichever comes later. All practice materials(with the exception of the Section Bank, which expires after 10 starts or 1 year after activation) expire after starting 5 new tests or 1 year after product activation, whichever comes first.
Terms of Sale

The e-MCAT Practice Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase and use of this product.  Please note, if you are planning to take a test preparation course, check with the course administrator before purchasing AAMC MCAT practice material. All sales are final for MCAT practice material. No refunds will be issued.

Technical Requirements
Operating Systems
Win 7, Mac OS X 10.6+, iOS7+ on iPad 2+, Chrome OS
IE8+, Safari 6+ (no longer supported on Windows), Firefox 47, Chrome, Edge
Accommodations Options
Accommodation options are included with e-MCAT practice material, including extended time and enlarged font. If you are taking the exam with accommodations, you may wish to practice with the same accommodations. The site has features that allow for practice with accommodations. When you launch a test, select "Accommodations On."
For other accommodations support contact For more information about accommodations, visit AAMC‘s MCAT® Exam with Accommodations.